Andrew's Computer Repair

Here is a sample of prices 

System Cleaning $23

Data Services $35 for the 1st 10GB and $5 pre GB after

Virus Removal-$50 Flat

Soft Wear Removal-$15

Window Re install Windows 7&8 $85

Windows upgrade for  7 to 8 $150

Wireless Networking- $65/hr plus supplies 

Hard Line Networking -$75/hr plus supplies 

Server Management- $175/hr

Custom CAT5e and CAT6e -CAT5e at $1.25/ft CAT6e $2.50/ft Cat7 $3.00/ft

Onsite Repair- $80/hr plus supplies

Data on CD or DVD- CD $3.50/disc, DVD $5.50/disc DVD-DL $6.50/disc

PC Storge $20/day  

Custom Systems Call or e mail for details 

For MAC add 15% 

Custom PCs 75% Down at time of order 

OBE ( Out Of Box Exprince) $50 

Soft ware install $20 

Custom Orders Must Be Paid in Advance!! 



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